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What you will get in these comprehensive training programs?
Options to learn in Classroom or ONLINE, or LIVEeCLASS
24/7 unlimited access to online course content for the course period
Highly skilled, real-world experienced Facilitator Support in Classroom/LIVEeCLASS/Online
Anywhere Anytime on-going Continue Education Path with more than 300 courses
Strategically aligned global networking with International Institutes and Associations
FREE* 8' Android 2.2 with "Certification" course enrolment
Proven highly interactive practical Scenarios, Case Studies and participatory sessons
Accredited Certificate to prove you have mastered and complete the course
Optional: Personal and/or Job Skills Assessment(TTI Assessment Product)
Welcome to International Soft Skills Institute

International Soft Skills Institute is a Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities consented, Canadian registered International  Business Education Institute dedicated to the essential and growing need for online soft skills education and training.

Soft Skills, often referred to as Interpersonal Skills, or people skills, include proficiencies such as communication skills, conflict resolution and negotiation, personal effectiveness, creative problem solving, strategic thinking, team building, influencing skills and selling skills, to name a few
The mastery of your soft skills gives you the ability to utilize and apply your “hard skills” and knowledge with ever greater effectiveness, working with more and broader spectrums of people.
In a society where the value of the “corporate culture” and the preference of most mangers that work be done in teams, Soft Skills are often far more important in the eyes of employers than what you know.

In fact, the effectiveness of your soft skills will ultimately determine how well you can apply what you know and accordingly, how much success you can achieve.

The certificate programs offered by International Soft Skills Institute are practical and relevant. They offer knowledge, techniques and strategies which, if applied on a consistent basis, manifest in the ever increasing ability of our graduates to positively impact their workplace, accomplishing more objectives easier while working effectively with an increasingly diverse cross-section of coworkers, employees and customers.

Greater success and more opportunity invariably follow!
International Soft Skills Institute is the best, most modern way to learn Soft Skills.

Employee Relationship Co-Ordinator (ERC) Certification

To stand out in the global competitive work environment, you need to upgrade your skills to meet increased demands to stand out and to extend the scope of your responsibilities beyond your daily job duties.

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Leadership Development Management Pro-Diploma (LDMD) Certification

This PROGRAM will cover today's issues in detail and the new emerging reality to identify opportunities, set goals, solve complex problems, make decisions, take on new roles, take on leadership /initiatives and communicate effectively with internal and external customers.

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Marketing Professional (MP) Certification

This Program will give you an edge to stand out, accelerate your career and business goals, and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace in almost any industry.

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Business Communication Specialist (BCS) Certification

This program is on-line self paced interactive learning program - You'll have all the flexibility and benefits of studying from anywhere, anytime, at your own pace whilst we ensure that you are never actually studying alone.

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