How it Works

It all starts with you. Everything about International BPM Institute is focused on your success. Therefore, the first step is to determine your objectives for the training you are about to complete.
The extensive course offerings and support systems of the E-Learn affiliated partners can help you achieve many objectives. We suggest that the first step is to ask yourself what you hope to accomplish as a result of training with us. Ask yourself:
  • Is there a specific certification that you are looking to complete?
  • Is there a specific skill set that you are looking to master?
  • Is there a specific challenge that you wish to become more capable at dealing with?
  • Are you looking to increase your qualifications for a promotion or a new job?
  • Do you perceive the need to improve in a particular area based on Job Skills focused such as BA, PM, ITIL, or Enterprise focused such as E-Commerce, HR, Sales & Marketing or Industry focused such as Healthcare, Retail, Financial sevices?

In addition to assessing your objectives for your training program, you should also consider how you want to study. Through our network there are many methods you can utilize ranging from web-based E-Learning to Live Classroom Learning to LIVEeCLASS Learning to Mobile Learning and more.

There is even support to help you through this selection process. We invite you complete your own Personal Behavioural Assessment and attend a complimentary LIVEeCLASS or Live Classroom event as part of your evaluation and selection process.

If you are unsure as to your training needs or objectives, we can certainly help you crystallize your thinking to ensure that you achieve your objectives.

Once you have clearly defined your objectives, then we suggest that you review our programs. You may wish to start with our certificate programs as the offer the greatest value and the most learning options, including the revolutionary MLearnPad.

Whichever course options you choose we are sure that you will see noticeable results in your career and your life as a result of your time studying with us.

To help ensure your success we will be there every step of the way to help make it as simple as possible for you, starting with our simple enrolment process.

Now that you have decided on the right courses and learning process for you, just follow these 7 simple steps and you are on your way.

Step 1 – you can choose the certificate courses based on BUSINESS SUBJECT DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE AREA:

Business Administration Leadership Development
Business Analysis Organizational Development
Career Development Performance Management
Change Management Change Management
Communication Management Productivity Tools
Human Resource Management Sales-and-Marketing
Interpersonal Development Six Sigma
Team Development

Step 2 – Enroll and pay for your course (s)

2.1 You will receive an email confirmation from Registar once the payment confirmed and user name validation is completed
2.2 Once the validation process is completed, you will reveive a course “Enrollment Key” and ” Course Key” along with course url link to access the course (s)

Step 3 – You choose the tool/medium to learn
3.2 Desktop
3.3 Laptop
3.4 Face2Face
3.5 Combination of Blended

Step 4 – You choose how you want to learn
4.1 Self-paced E-Laerning
4.2 Classroom
4.4 On-Demand
4.5 Combination of Blended

Step 5 – You choose where and when you want to learn
5.1 From Home
5.2 From work
5.3 From Library
5.4 From Coffee shop
5.5 On your way to or back from work
5.6 Lunch or break time
5.7 In Training locations

Step 6 – Start learning
6.1 Access your computer or MLEARNPAD or Laptop
6.2 Access the web site and click on Log-in
6.3 Enter the Log-in credentials to log-in to the system
6.4 Your enrolled course (s) will be displayed under “My Menu” (My Profile)

6.5 Access the course you have enrolled for by clicking on the course link
6.6 Enter the “Enrollment Key” and “Course Key” you received via email after you successfully enrolled in the course (s)

6.7 Congraluations, click on the first link on the course page and you are on your way to “Educate your way to success”

Course detail page

Step 7 – Once you complete the course (s), inform your facilitator. You will receive your completion certification.

You need regular, frequent, and dependable access to a computer that has a connection to the Internet to complete the e-learning course (s)